Is the Canon Rebel T6 a Good DSLR?


Canon Rebell T6

Canon released the Rebel T6 in 2016, an entry-level 18MP DSLR camera that takes sharp pictures and well-detailed images.

It’s been four years since this camera was released and there’s still growing interest in it from both beginner photographers and experienced pros. 

But one question many newbies considering the Rebel T6 often ask if it’s still a good buy for photography. I’d say YES, and I explain why in the parts below.

What makes the Canon Rebel T6 DSLR a good camera?

First things first, good cameras are designed by those who perfectly understand photography. And it’s not a lie that the likes of Canon, Nikon, and a few other brands sit atop of that class. 

But beyond the brand, the Canon Rebel T6 is a capable and affordable DSLR. It has the right set of features and controls needed to help you shoot high-quality images as a beginner.

While the Rebel T6 has one of the best performances of most cameras in its class of entry-level DSLRs, that performance still falls short of several more advanced entry-level cameras, say the Sony A6000’s, for example. 

Canon Rebel T6 DSLR

Operating the Canon Rebel T6 is DSLR fast and easy.

For beginners, this means it does a lot of the grunt work while you can quickly shoot great photos and videos. This camera also shoots bright and detailed FullHD videos. 

The T6 is an excellent camera for beginners and students of photography. Moreso, it will find fair use in the hands of a professional looking for a capable and lightweight backup DSLR. 

Should you buy the Rebel T6 in 2020?

The Canon Rebel T6  is still a great camera in 2020.

If you’re considering a suitable DSLR as a beginner, you’ll find great value with the very much affordable DSLR. Chances are you’ll outgrow it over time. But at such a price, the Rebel T6 is no doubt a great camera, for now!