20150203 Colloquium talk at Rhodes College.

Cecille Labuda, Sunethra Dayavansha and Nazaning Omidi gave a three part talk at Rhodes College. The talk was a general overview of the type of research that the Ultrasonics group does with emphasis on three projects; computation of ultrasonic pressure fields in feline brain, temperature studies of shear waves in viscoelastic micellar fluids and visualization of shear was in viscoelastic micellar fluid using microspheres.

09-15-2015 Charles Church named editor of JASA-EL

Charles Church has been named the new editor of the Journal of the Acoustical Society Express Letters (JASA-EL). Dr. Churchas has always had a strong interest in the improvement of technical writing and communication, so this is a great opportunity for him.  University of Mississippi Communications has interviewed Dr. Church about his new editorship.  This interview can be read here.