07/10/2015 Joel Mobley and Cecille Labuda give talks in BASS series.

The Basic Acoustics Summer School (BASS) program at NCPA gives students opportunities to do research directed by experts, exploring topics that are not ordinarily encountered in the undergraduate experience.  Each year, NCPA hosts a series of talks as part of the BASS program.  Cecille Labuda and Joel Mobley gave talks in the series on 06/19/2015 and 07/10/2015 respectively.  The final talk in the series will be presented by the BASS fellows.  Frank Odom, one of the BASS fellows

06/08/2015 New BASS student working with the group for summer research.

Frank Odom, a new BASS student at NCPA, is working with the Ultrasonics group on a summer research project.  The H.E. BASS (Basic Acoustics Summer School) program brings in selected undergraduates for to participate in summer research at the NCPA for two months.  Frank Odom is an undergraduate from Sewanee College in Nashville.

06/03 - 06/04/2015 Nazanin Omidi and Sunethra Dayavansha to present research at MRBC VIII.

Nazanin Omidi and Sunethra Dayavansha presented their research at the  Mississippi Regional Biophysical Consortium on June 03-04 2015 at the University of Mississippi.  Nazanin Omidi presented a poster titled Computation of Ultrasonic Pressure Fields in Feline Brain and Sunethra Dayavansha gave a talk title Temperature Dependence of Shear Wave Speed in a Viscoelastic Wormlike Micellar Fluid.